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Zingo Series

Fun way to learn The Words and Maths

We had bought 4 series of Swift and Zingo games in 2015 and 2017 respectively and also encourage Parent - Child interaction.

 Swift Number
Brain Development :-
1) Counting Skills
2) Word recognition
3) Number sense
4) Memory power
5) Simple Addition
6) Concentration

I just want Matt to know that : Maths not just book and pencil.

At his age 5, we learn Math thru fun with the " Swift Number ".  Sometimes, he still playing with it at night mostly after finish his homework.

As thru the activity that can make him refresh and recharge his brain after full day study in school.


Swift Words, Zingo Word Builder & What GNU (3 Letter Learning Game)
Brain Development :-
1) Sight Word recognition
2) Vocabulary
3) Simple Spelling
4) Concentration
5) Memory power

Word Builder

  What GNU (3 Letter Learning Game)
PK with his dad, guess who win?

All boxes includes
1) 72 number tiles
2) 1 Game Board
3) 6 Double Sided Cards
4) Instruction guide

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