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Dear Parents and Visitors,

Hi, my name is SiLing and 1st of all, my apologies as well, as some of the new products are not able to upload into “World of Babyz” online website due to my pregnancy.  Parents and Visitors can view the new products thru this Blog. 

My baby shop is located at Centre Point Bandar Utama and our products are not just only baby, baby accessories and toys BUT do also concentrate on Educational products for the toddler.

“Learn thru Play” is much interesting than the Text Book, and before pre-school, to develop their motor skill is a must.  Our brain combines with Left and Right Brain, hence, most of my Educational products covered for both Left and Right Brain Development. 

My son, Matt @ age 7, Standard 1 and he is a sporty type character and loves to watch Youtube’s cartoon series and play more than read or study.

Recently chatted with one of my girlfriend and known that her son @ age 5 is not able to listen to her and she told me about her worries.  I had passed thru this suffering stage and had shared my experiences with her.

This is the reason why I want to write in this Blog, not only update the latest products but like to share out my thought and experience, with some education information. 

My first glance thought that it might be due to his English based Kindergarten, so when he studies at Chinese Primary School, it is difficult for him to cope with almost all Chinese syllabus subjects.  His teacher told us during the school report collection time, he looks very blur at the 1st term, but manage to cope slowly and adapt to it at later stage.

However, my main finding is not only that, he also can’t read English & Malay.  When I notice this was during my 1st month of pregnancy and aware that something need to be done on it to improve his languages including reading.  

I read thru this article 搞好语法,马来文不难学 (Do well in grammer, Bahasa Melayu is not difficult) and agreed that the below sentences highlight in red line.  The 语法 (GRAMMAR) that mentioned by 周博士 (Prof Zhao)not only for Malay (Tatabahasa), but also English (Grammar) and Chinese (语文) as well.  If all the 3 languages foundation at pre-school is not strong enough, it is much difficult for them to cope with it when enrolled in Primary School, especially for those Chinese Primary School students.

By knowing this fact, it is not too late for him to start learning; and I started to let Matt learnt Sight Word and Phonics to build his 1st step of English foundation.

2nd Step is to teach him Han Yu Pin Yin for Chinese and the last is Suku Kata for Malay.  All these 3 learning information will elaborate more in Chinese, English & Malay Section respectively.

Hopefully, before my due date on Next year January 2018, he is able to read, write and spell all the 3 languages.  Otherwise, when he starts his Standard 2, I will be more suffering to teach him while take care my new baby. 

Should you have any inquiry or to share your though and experience, feel free drop me message at

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