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After learning the number & addition method thru the Number Swift, move on to upper level, we bought this 神算子 on 2017 to enhance his Maths.

As usual, learning Math thru the games.

With the cards, train to use his brain to calculate to get the answer. NO pencil & paper to write the answer.

Pink Card 3 - use as answer or main card to use.
Yellow 1 (+) - use for addition
Purple 4 (- ) - use for subtraction
789 orange (+/-) - use for addition or subtraction

Once the turntable spin point to the number, e.g 5, by using the 13cards that he have to calculation the 5.

As picture shows below, the answer can be
1) pink card 5
2) 6-1
3) 5-2-1+3 (this way is to clear the cards on his hand)
4) using the orange card (+/-) to add / sub with other cards

We play this games in a very simple way as to meet his standard one Maths learning progress.

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