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Oxford Phonics World Readers

This set of Oxford Phonics World Readers in a total of 5 levels, learning content and match with Oxford Phonics World.   

Each book uses short stories, short phrase phrases, and very specific practice of some natural spelling rules. Children learn the Phonics rules from the Oxford Phonics World can basically read out.

For example, at the first level of the
Oxford Phonics World, children will learn 26-letter pronunciations.  In the accompanying Reader, these pronunciations will be practiced.
  • Extra reading practice for all children learning English
  • Each story gives children the chance to practice sounds and spelling patterns learned from Oxford Phonics World.
  • Practice new vocabulary through end-of-story activities

Pre-order are available for both set. 

Oxford Phonics World (set of 5)

Oxford Phonics World Readers ( set of 15)

Oxford Phonics World Level 1: Reader: What I want 
Oxford Phonics World Level 1: Reader: Rabbit's House 
Oxford Phonics World Level 1: Reader: The Picnic 

Oxford Phonics World Level 2: Reader: No Jam! 
Oxford Phonics World Level 2 : At the farm 
Oxford Phonics World Level 2: Reader: Fun in the Mud

Oxford Phonics World Level 3 : At the Bay  
Oxford Phonics World Level 3: Reader: I am a Spy!  
Oxford Phonics World Level 3: Reader: A Day with Mom 

Oxford Phonics World Level 4: Reader: A Nice Trip  
Oxford Phonics World Level 4: Reader: Fun Day at School   
Oxford Phonics World Level 4: Reader: On a Ship   

Oxford Phonics World Level 5: Reader: The Painter is in the Room
Oxford Phonics World Level 5: Reader: I Love the City!
Oxford Phonics World Level 5: Reader: Dawn's Hiccups

The reason that i purchased this collection not only because of the activities but also a summaries list of the Phonics & Sight Words shown below.

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